1   Wedding Photography Coverage: (Candid + Traditional)

Photography is the main reason why fotofrm came into existence. Unlike the market trend today, we don’t differentiate photography into the so-called marketing terms of Candid or Traditional photography. A Sufi Photographer is capable of covering candid as well as posed shots beautifully at an event. For example, when we send our artist to cover a small function, he/she is not going to restrict his/her clicks to only candid or only posed shots but will be responsible enough to cover all the elements of photography for that event equally well.

Our photography coverage at any given wedding event includes capturing candid moments of the couple, their parents and their immediate siblings, throughout the event, portraits of the couple, pictures of the bride and the groom while getting ready for the wedding, guest group pictures on the stage during the reception, artistic décor shots, Macro shots (close-up shots) of rings during an engagement, posed shots of important rituals etc.

Regarding the deliverables, around 400 pictures will be selected and edited (colour toned) by Fotofrm team for a one-day wedding event typically. This is again a benchmark number and the actual number can vary from event to event.

 All the edited as well as unedited photographs will be arranged chronologically and delivered to you in separate folders.

Pictures with technical errors – which are too dark or overly bright, or out of focus pictures – will be sorted out before the delivery.


2. Traditional Videography Coverage:

A traditional wedding video is the basic documentation of the whole wedding and all the events in HD format. Typically, all the video footages shot by the videographer throughout the span of the wedding will be stitched together in one video, along with your preferred playlist of songs in the background. No other edits will be made in a traditional video.

Traditional wedding videography deliverables include: DVDs


3. Wedding Cinematography Coverage:

For those clients who also want their wedding event to be captured at 24 frames per second with the feel of a movie, we offer this modern way of video making for weddings.

 2 cinematographers will capture the important moments of wedding from two different angles, with more advanced camera gear than the one used in traditional videography.

Editing of the video will be done with minute detailing and utmost care to make your wedding look like the ones we see in movies!

Unlike the traditional video, cinematic video will not include the detailed footage of all the rituals or other ceremonies or all the guests wishing the couple during the reception. The cinematic video will be a short but artistic glimpse of the whole event for you to cherish some of the best moments of your wedding.

Uncut footage of dances and acts performed in Sangeet will be included in the deliverable upon request and will be chargeable extra.

The deliverable of wedding cinematography will include: A cinematic 10-15 minutes long short film of your wedding.


4. Important note about data  :

We take utmost care and ensure maximum protection of the data we shoot during wedding. however we do not take any responsibility in lost of data (hard drive corrupt, system issue, Having some natural objections  ) due to unavoidable circumstances. We can not do any payment return to customer.

5. Wedding Albums:

We believe that your precious memories should also be presented in the form of beautifully designed Look book and printed coffee table calendar. We can definitely make an amazing album for you. In our photo album you’ll get:

A leather-bound album with dimensions 12”x36”, which will contain around 300 photographs on maximum 35 sheets.

After we deliver all the wedding photographs to the clients, they select the pictures that will go on the album.

After the album is designed, we take approval from the client before we send the album for printing.

Our clients get one design review complimentary before its sent for printing.


3. We want a pre-wedding photo-shoot, but we have no clue about outfits, location, and posing in front of a camera. In fact, it will be our first professional photo-shoot. Can you help us with that?:

Yes, of course! You simply need not worry about that. Once you book us for your pre-wedding photo-shoot, we are happy to guide you about your outfits and also in location selection.

In case of outfits, you can share your current wardrobe with us on WhatsApp, and we can help you choose the best outfit combinations for you two. If you are not really satisfied with your current wardrobe and want to buy or rent new clothes, we will happily help you selecting the best outfits in your online shopping.

In case of locations, we can give you a list of great locations around Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai that are perfect for pre-wedding photo-shoots and you can choose among them. Or, you can book a resort, which is a much more convenient option, as a resort provides many good locations for the shoot at one place and it gives sufficient privacy to the couple to pose freely during the shoot.

When it comes to posing for pictures, we have observed that brides are more comfortable and confident about going in front of the camera than the grooms! So, we usually suggest our grooms that, instead of doing the photo-shoot just for the sake of your wife-to-be, try to enjoy the moment… clicking a well-framed, technically good picture is our responsibility but giving us that priceless moment to capture is yours!

We, as photographers, always try to make the you feel comfortable around us and in front of the camera. We will certainly not make you pose into something that you are not comfortable with. We make sure we have a good bonding and connection during the shoot so that you can feel free and relaxed enough to let us click the purest romantic moments that they will cherish for life.



4. What is the best way to approach you for our wedding photography?:

You can write to us, your exact requirements at jmansuri20@gmail.com or you can use the contact-us form provided on this website or you can simply give us a call to reach out to us and tell us about your event . It would be helpful for us if we have a clarity about your needs for a wedding photo-shoot so that we can have a fool-proof plan and estimate for you. Once we know your exact requirements, we will revert back to you with an estimate of the shoot. Upon confirming the estimated amount, we can certainly set up a personal meeting or a phone call according to your convenience and preference, where we can discuss the workflow. Once you are okay with our workflow, we will be needing you to pay us 50% advance of the total amount, which will be non-refundable, so that we can block our dates for you. Then we set-up a WhatsApp group where we discuss the other details of the shoot and keep the communication going smoothly.


5. How many photographers and videographers will be present at my wedding?:

We understand how important this occasion is for you, and hence, it is our first priority to click good-quality photographs and also lay equal emphasis on the coverage throughout the event. We generally decide on the number of artists, for a good coverage upon knowing the approximate guest count from the clients.

For a one day wedding assignment, as per the services requested by the client, there will be typically 3-4 artists for photography all of them capable of covering candid and posed aspects of the shoot, there will be one traditional videographer and there will be 2 Cinematographers and one assistant.


11.What are the payment terms ?

We understand every wedding is different and are more than willing to create a custom package for you. We take 50% of the total amount at the time of booking and remaining 50% one week before the wedding. Again our client is our priority so we are flexible.


For destination weddings travel and accommodation of all crew members are taken care by our client. Location cost for photography and video are borne by client too.

7. My in-laws have already hired another team of photographers. So, how would it affect your plan of action? Also, would it change the estimate?:

First of all, we would like to clear the fact that if they have hired another team for their side of the family, we have to share the space and time needed for the couple’s portrait photo-shoot with them. So, instead of having to restrict our creativity by having to choose a “side”, we prefer being the only photography team working on the event! It gives us more freedom and creative space to capture amazing photographs during the event.

Having two photography teams doesn’t necessarily mean having more and dedicated coverage of both the families .



8. How long will it take to get my photos/videos/albums ready?:

We are totally on-board with the excitement you have for seeing your wedding pictures and videos for the first time. In fact, we are equally excited to show them to you. And, we love when we get enough breathing space from our clients to reflect our best work and creativity in the post-shoot processes.

Usually, it takes a little more than a month to get photographs for a one-day wedding assignment ready however we do send you a few edited pictures within 10 days from your wedding. The traditional video takes around one and a half month, and cinematography deliverables take around 2-4 months for the completion of the project, depending upon the workload and the footage covered.

9. How will you give me the photos and videos once they are ready?:

We will courier the deliverable for your wedding assignment through pen-drives. For the pre-wedding assignments, we usually send the pictures using Google Drive.


10. We would prefer our pictures not being uploaded on social media… Is it too much to ask for?:

We would like you to understand that social media is a platform for us to exhibit our work to the global audience. We, like any other photography brand, are proud of our work, and we would certainly want to display our finest pictures and videos on social media.

However, we absolutely respect your privacy, and the best we can do is not tag you in our posts!

11. What are the services that you offer?

You can expect us to cover the following services with our heart and complete dedication.

12. Pre-wedding Photoshoot:

We absolutely love doing pre-wedding photo-shoots. We can include pre-wedding photo-shoots in your wedding photography package at a discounted rate . Pre-wedding photo-shoot usually takes around 5-6 hours in a day, with maximum 2 outfit-changes. We will provide you around 20 of the best pictures clicked during your pre-wedding photo-shoot, which will be edited, and all the other pictures in high resolution and JPEG format will be handed over to you.  We believe in giving you more of ‘Super-amazing’ photographs over some of ‘Just-OK’ photographs.

We currently do not offer pre-wedding videos.