You are getting married and you are excited for the change that will come into your life. Why don't you treasure this excitement forever in front of you.

Imagine you getting up in the morning and you see a huge romantic black and white picture of you both on the wall. Think what feelings will go through you. Let's take it other way round. Fights are common they say, it gives the much needed spice in your romantic life. Imagine your partner is angry with you.  He/ She goes to drawing room/ bedroom feeling bad. And then they see this huge canvas on the wall which has you both jumping together in between the jungle, just like the 4th picture in the gallery. They remember how they find it funny or had an amazing time jumping together. You know the rest of the story. Don't you? 

Get yourself shot with your partner and decorate your walls which are not only art but also pictures that you can relate with. And trust us when we say that a couple shoot is a romantic gift. If someone close to you is getting married or have a special day why don't you gift them a couple shoot which will give them a bag full of memories. 

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